By crikey I’m thankful for Bill Rogers!

A recent YouTube search for behaviour management strategies lead me to the Australian behaviour management expert and education consultant, Dr. Bill Rogers. Wow. Seriously. This man is so down to earth and approachable, his videos are extraordinary in their simplicity and logic. I felt like I had finally found an expert who echoed my personal beliefs […]

Juggling Life

When I was a teenager, I thought anybody who could juggle was superhuman and completely awe-inspiring. So I found 3 tennis balls and vowed not to give up until I could be that person who can say ‘I can juggle 3 balls’. It took me about a month of trying everyday and I eventually mastered it! Fast forward […]

The first 5 minutes: it’s the vibe that counts!

I was chatting with a prac teacher recently, and she touched on an issue with one of her English classes being a little, well…dull, in terms of discussion. Essentially, she reported that there was no ‘vibe’ and that unresponsiveness had become a class culture. It got me thinking; ultimately, whose responsibility is it to create […]